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We Believe

Victoria Prayer Counselling is a Christian, non— denominational ministry of prayer counselling, primarily for those who have suffered from spiritual, physical and emotional trauma. This ministry is based on the power and working of the Holy Spirit, not solely on the skills of the counsellors. All ministry is grounded firmly on scriptural principles. The counsellors at VPC draw from personal healing experience with God. They believe that they have been called by the Lord to pray into the hurts of people’s lives.


"I've benefited from a variety of counselling in my 68 years but by far the most effective is that I received from Charles and Claudia. Through their inspired, professional and powerful counselling I not only found the healing and strength to deal with childhood abuse but also a great appreciation of my worth and God's love. Cannot recommend them too highly!"


"I had a great reluctance to go to counselling as I have never been a fan of it. However when I decided to make the plunge, I was gently guided and loved as I learned why I was broken and shown how to “ fix me.” My life has been changed as I never imagined could be possible. Thank you VPC!"


"What can you say enough about a prayer and counselling ministry that has changed your life? The Dorrington’s have been called and anointed by God to fulfill His promise in Isaiah 61:1. I personally have experienced God’s healing in every area of my life. I also have referred many people to this ministry who can attest to God’s healing in their lives. It is God alone who has the power to heal and with the gifts and abilities He has blessed the Dorrington’s with lives are changed and healed and set free again and again."


"My counselling experience with Claudia has been truly life changing! Her ability to hear from the Holy Spirit and apply it to each session still astounds me. Claudia has walked me through trauma, fear, and pain that I could not verbalize or fully understand. She has a true gift in bringing restoration and healing into the lives of her clients. I cannot recommend Charles and Claudia enough. They have changed how our family does life, have brought freedom and victory in so many areas, and continue to support and stand with us in prayer to this day. You will be truly blessed if you get the honor to work with either of these incredibly gifted and committed individuals."


"Charles has a gentle and kind personality and exudes a feeling of safety during each counselling session. With over 26 years experience, Charles is able to navigate whatever comes up in each session with incredible wisdom. He always has practical and restorative solutions for each situation and I have found the sessions particularly impactful for my marriage. His abundance of tactics and practical applications are incredibly helpful - they stretch and pull me away from self but push me deeper into serving and loving my wife. I do not know where my marriage and family would be without them but I thank God for the immense impact they have had on where they are currently! If you're reading this with any trepidation, I would gently, yet strongly encourage you to jump. A freer and fuller life is on the other side."


“I had some very interesting sessions with Claudia that were supportive of my faith journey. She also offered some good suggestions for healing work and my tendency to take on too much. There were some great “aha” moments about past and present. The Holy Spirit is working very powerfully in this wonderful ministry! I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with VPC.”